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Maybe I have a wrong understanding of Shopify Webhooks, but I would like a webhook event when a product listing is updated or when a product collection is updated. product_listings/update webhook triggers both these events without distinguishing which one it is. I would have expected collection_listings/update to be called when the latter happens, but that is not the case.


Also, product_listings/update is called when an order is placed. I would have expected that only products/update be called, but both are called after an order is placed.


These Webhooks I wasn't able to add via the Shopify storefront. I had to use the Webhook API and POST with my API keys. I find it a bit confusing that some Webhooks are exposed to the Store and some need to be added via the API.


I'm not sure if this is an issue with the API or if I am misunderstanding the webhook events. I'd appreciate it if someone from the Developer team or anyone with experience using these Webhooks can provide insight on this. TIA.

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Hello @rikin-mksp, welcome to the community! To address your questions:

  1. The differences between the products/, product_listings/, collection_listings/, and orders/ webhooks has grown to be a bit complicated. We're gathering feedback on how we can improve our documentation/topics, so I'm going to add this post there.
  2. Most webhooks require some permissions from the store to be able to have access to that data, which is why api permissions are required when creating subscriptions for those topics. The topics that are listed in the admin don't require any topics, so they can be created without one.

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