What are the alternate ways apart from cursor based pagination to get more than 250 orders?

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We are feeling cursor based pagination is doubling the work to get orders when it crosses more than 250 a day. It is affecting the performance as well, Also every time we need to track the orders if it crosses 250. So i am requesting to provide some alternate and best solution to get more than 250 orders a day.

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If you're willing to use the GraphQL API (assuming your question was regarding the REST API), then you can perform a bulk operation to retrieve them. Details are explained here --> https://shopify.dev/tutorials/perform-bulk-operations-with-admin-api

In a nutshell, you create your bulk query and post the request. Then you poll the bulk operation until its response indicates it's completed. Finally, you download the JSONL results as a file and can iterate through the lines. As I explained in a different thread, it's a lot more efficient. A test I performed yesterday I pulled 49K products in 11 minutes via bulk operations. If I used the REST API this same operation would've taken awhile to iterate through using the pagination and whatnot.

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can you please tell me what kind of orders you want . I will send you one script here you just need to run it on BASH. 

it will automatically check if header has next page then it will take otherwise it will stop.

then i will explain you in detail that code.