What can cause the "id" and "product_id" to change in Shopify?

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Hello everyone,

my name is Julian and I am primarily responsible for the questions and problems of our customers regarding store interfaces, including Shopify.

Shortly about the connection of the ERP itself:
You create a private app in Shopify, assign the read and write permissions accordingly and connect weclapp directly to the REST-API of Shopify via the access data received there.
Relevant for my request is the end point

weclapp uses this endpoint to transfer the articles from Shopify to the ERP and also to transfer the articles back to Shopify.

A transfer of the articles from Shopify to weclapp ensures that the articles are created in the enterprise resource planning together with their master data, variants, prices, pictures etc. Here also the "id" and the "product_id" of each article are transferred to weclapp and stored in the database.

As an example, after the synchronisation the following article can be found in weclapp and Shopify:
Name: Test article
"id": 36174652407964
"product_id": 5619480232092

This is necessary because any update of an article, be it the name or the inventory for example, is ONLY possible via the "product_id". That means, if weclapp wants to transfer the inventory of the article via the Shopify REST-API to Shopify, it MUST be specified for which "product_id" the transferred inventory is intended.

Now to our problem, because of which we have several hours of support every week:
How can it happen that the "id" and the "product_id" of items change in Shopify? Which actions in Shopify can cause this?

To stay with the example above:
The mentioned test article was transferred from Shopify to weclapp on 28th of September with the mentioned IDs. It was not deleted in the meantime and created anew in Shopify (in this case I could understand the change/reassignment of the IDs). But in the meantime the articles IDs in Shopify changed from
"id": 36174652407964
"product_id": 5619480232092


"id": 35301525815449
"product_id": 5446756008089

What can cause the change of the IDs in Shopify?

Since the "old" IDs are still stored in weclapp, the ERP suddenly cannot report master data or price updates, stocks and fulfillment back to Shopify.

This behavior occurs weekly with 3-5 customers.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Julian Hollerung
Customer Success Manager
weclapp SE

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