What does FulfillmentService "requires_shipping_method" do?

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The documentation for FulfillmentService shows a property "requires_shipping_method". However, this property does not appear in the JSON for my FulfillmentService, and setting it has no effect that I can determine.


The documentation says "States if the fulfillment service requires products to be physically shipped" which doesn't give me any idea what the effects of setting or not setting this flag would be. What does it do?


Has this flag been deprecated and is the documentation out of date?


I'm building a POD service that does ship physical products. I'm using the new FulfillmentOrders flow.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @stickfigure,


When products are created in Shopify, merchants have the option to indicate whether or not the product requires shipping:



When this option is selected, customers with this product in their cart will be prompted to enter a shipping address and choose a shipping method at checkout. When this option isn't selected, the checkout doesn't prompt for any shipping details from the customer.


The requires_shipping_method property determines whether your FulfillmentService will return rates for all products (requires_shipping_method: false), or only products which require shipping (requires_shipping_method: true).

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Thanks for the response. Can you elaborate on what "will return rates" means? In terms of the API, what consequence does that have?


Also, why doesn't this property exist in my FulfillmentService JSON?


GET https://orbital-commerce-test.myshopify.com/admin/api/2020-01/fulfillment_services/51615989841.json



  "fulfillment_service": {
    "id": 51615989841,
    "name": "...",
    "email": null,
    "service_name": "...",
    "handle": "...",
    "fulfillment_orders_opt_in": true,
    "include_pending_stock": false,
    "provider_id": null,
    "location_id": 35885383761,
    "callback_url": "...",
    "tracking_support": true,
    "inventory_management": false

I don't see a requires_shipping_method property. X-Request-ID: 761d3504-ebf7-4469-9dd0-452a33e4936a, if that helps.