What exactly is Shopify Argo?

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I've been seeing more references to this library recently and I'm confused as to what it is because the docs seem to be scattered. 

Depending on the context, it seems to have something to do with checkout, authentication, and/or product subscriptions:


Reading each of these individually makes a bit of sense but still leaves me at a loss for what "Argo" actually is. Some of the functionality seems to overlap with the existing app bridge. To sum up my confusion:

- What is "Argo"?
- Who is Argo intended for?
- What's the difference between Argo, argo checkout, argo-admin?
- What's the relationship between Argo and app bridge? They both seem capable of authentication, embedding apps into the admin, and providing a set of consistent UI elements.

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This is an accepted solution.

Argo is a new technology that we're building to make the Shopify platform more extensible. It allows third-party developers to create JS- or TypeScript-based UI that appears directly within Shopify’s UI on both web and mobile (cross-platform). You haven't heard a lot about it yet because it's still in the early stages, as you saw it's powering product subscription apps, and in the future it will be used in more areas. It allows you to write UI code that appears directly within the merchant's workflow rather than having the merchant have to leave Shopify's admin and go to your app's UI.

Technically it uses remote-ui in the browser, and similar tools to run the exact same JS/TS scripts on Android native or iOS native.

It's part of our effort to build as a platform first, so that you can extend and customize as many parts of Shopify as possible.

Stay tuned, you'll hear more about it this year.