What is going on with deprecation?? Varients deprecated? I thought delayed indeterminately

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Today we were running a standard inventory_export for one of our clients using the varients method:


And we started to get deprecation error responses:

[error] => Write requests to inventory_quantity and inventory_quantity_adjustment are no longer supported. Please use the Inventory Levels API.

Documents from Shopify say that deprecation goes into effect July 1st, not June 15th!

Moroever, we received an email from deprecations@email.shopify.com  4/29/2020 that said:

"In light of the continuing concerns around COVID-19’s impact on communities around the world, we’ve decided to further postpone the API version removal affecting private apps on your shop from July 1 to a yet to be determined future date. We’re closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on merchants, and expect to determine the new deadline once the crisis has eased. You’ll have at least 3 months notice in advance of the new deadline."

SO what the heck?  Did someone at Shopify miss a memo?  

1. Why am i suddently getting deprecation notices now?

2. What is the real date of deprecation? July 1 like the web site says or indefinite with a 3 month warning period like the email says?  


We were all geared up to update for the API but that email led us to believe we had *a lot* more time, now we are getting these deprecation notices?