When creating products with images sometimes they show, sometimes I get the link returned but 404

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I am making simple HTTP calls using a private app over Basic Auth. 

All appears OK, until I have some issues with image processing. 

When I create a product with images via postman, I get the images array in the result and this contains a CDN link, which works great (even shows up when in the admin panel). 

However, when I pragmatically loop through a large CSV file to import products and their images, the products are upload successfully and everything including the image array is returned, it contains the link to the CDN but when accessing that link directly in the browser it 404's and the products in the admin has no images. 

Occasionally, when running my script a few images do end up showing images with them, but more often, no images. 

I have debugged some where there are no images when running the script and if I use the exact same params in Postman, it creates the product and creates the images so I know the data is correct. 

It's really hit and miss as to when/if it creates the images or not, I can't seem to see a pattern my end, and there are no errors etc.