Which App is good for API who demand base64_encode?

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I would like to send the order details from Shopify to seichoku.com's API. (Seichoku is like Lulu xpress in Japan, a print & binding factory).
Would you recommend me which App is suitable and reasonable for small seller ?

Seichoku API document says:

Use json for request parameters of each API.

Request parameter json must be base64_encoded.
IP restrictions are applied to access to the test environment. Please contact the management office with a fixed IP address before using.

API specifications

Function: Order request to seichoku.com
Destination URL: https://www.seichoku.com/api/order.php
Character code: UTF-8
POST parameter name: param


About shipping completion notification (optional)

When the binding shipment is completed, the shipping completion notification will be posted to the specified URL.
If you would like to receive the shipping completion notification, please contact us with the URL for receiving the shipping completion notification.

Reference: Seichoku's API document
ID bookfront
PS Passw0rd!
I use Type 1. Sorry this is in Japanese. I hope you can read it with google translate, etc. and feel free to ask me.

I tried to use the app Parabola but maybe it is not possible.
There are so many apps are recommended in https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=webhook . So would you please recommend me some of them that meets the Seichoku's demand? Lower is better as the monthly cost as I am beginner as seller & author with only a few books.

Thank you