Whitelist Shopify IPs to allow Webhooks

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Hi All,


We need to whitelist Shopify's IPs ranges to allow the webhooks to our internal servers. Doing this on the application layer is not secure enough,  and we need to do that on the network firewall. We know that the IPs may change, but we can update the firewall rules once the IPs changes. 

Anyone can provide these ranges? 


It will also be great if Shopify can have an up to date page on their documentation with the latest IPs used.




Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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We do not provide IP ranges for whitelisting. Part of the reasoning is as you described, in that the IPs can change at any time. Just because you might be diligent and able to update the whitelist on in a timely manner, it doesn't mean a lot of other apps can or will which can lead to disruptions for merchants.


I probably can't give the entire reasoning too much justice, but that is at least part of it.