Wholesale solution to set prices dynamically

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Hi Shopify

We're creating a wholesale solution for a customer. They want to be able to define a different prices for each customer across their entire product range. We are planning to use a bespoke database to store the prices of each of the products. We then need a way to programmatically set the price of products on the storefront and in the cart depending on the tags allocated to the logged in user. We then plan to use the DraftOrder API to get approval from the customer's buyers and to create the invoice.

We are currently stuck on how to show different prices on the fly when displaying prices on the shopfront and the cart.

We've looked into

  • Using Price Rules but is seems that they can only be applied after a discount code has been entered manually. If this could be done progammatically then it may provide a solution
  • Using the checkout create API, however we're unable to set the prices through this API.
  • using Draft Orders, but we can't see how that will work with showing user specific prices on the strorefront and in the cart.

We want to avoid duplicating products for every different price that is set and don't want to use item variants.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Tom - would love to know if and how you solved for this problem! Can you provide an update?

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