Why after removed one item from order "TOTAL_WEIGHT" field not changing in Shopify Orders API?

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After remove item from order "TOTAL_WEIGHT" field not changing in Shopify Orders API i.e. "GET /admin/api/#{api_version}/orders/#{order_id}.json".

I have placed order contains two products then from shopify admin portal removed one product item from order.

Steps to follow:
1. Go to Shopify admin portal
2. Click "Orders" in menu
3. Click on one of the order having Authorized payment status.
4. Click "Edit order" icon
5. Click on "Remove item" link of one of the product item
6. Click on "Update order" button
7. Check order data using shopify Order API.

Expected Result: "TOTAL_WEIGHT" field should update in Order API.

Actual Result: "TOTAL_WEIGHT" field not updated in Order API.

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Hello @RekhaPreetam , 


Thanks for pointing this out! It's worth noting that the order editing feature hasn't launched yet, so what you're seeing is not necessarily the final product. I'll make sure that I bring this up with the team working on it though if they haven't already been made aware, as this seems like it may have just been an oversight. 


Thanks again for letting us know!