Why does currentAppInstallation have the field AppSubscriptions?

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  currentAppInstallation {
    activeSubscriptions {



In the API reference, it says an AppInstallation:

Represents an installed application on a shop

Further, it says AppSubscriptions: 

Merchants are only permitted to have one subscription to your app at a time. This means if a merchant upgrades or downgrades your app, the old subscription is canceled and is replaced with the new one. When the merchant upgrades or downgrades the app, the new subscription takes the same 30-day app billing cycle as the previous purchase. This also applies when a merchant un-installs and re-installs an app. 

This seems conflicting to me. Are Merchants not the same as Shops?  currentAppInstallation.AppSubscriptions seems to imply 1 AppInstallation to have more than 1 Active AppSubscription, but the API Reference says otherwise.

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Hey @Anselmx3 

I believe you can only have a single active AppSubscription per shop, and I believe Merchant is used in the same context as Shop. 

Kevin_A | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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Hi @Kevin_A , I'm not sure this explains why AppInstallation.activeSubscriptions is an array if there can only be one active subscription per app installation. Why not a singular AppInstallation.activeSubscription that refers to a singular AppSubscription?


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