Write a program that downloads the feed to your server and database.

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Hi All, 

I'm a non-dev guy hoping to get some help on importing products from a supplier website into my own. In Shopify, I have created a Private App and set the API key and Password etc. I have also connected it to the supplier website but, the products aren't being pulled in.

Here are the "instructions" from the site that they provide but I have no idea what is required! 


You can use the web service to download and consume the product feed programmatically by following the steps below. The advantage of this is having a live feed in place with updated inventory data instead of manually maintaining any updates to a product feed. You also have the option to consume the feed with your own custom titles and descriptions that you can provide in bulk via an excel sheet.


  • Once you have created your product feed, copy the unique access key associated with the feed.
  • Write a program that downloads the feed to your server and database.


 Version 4:

  • 3. Add a web service reference to your program by adding the following URL: xxx
  • 4. Use following methods to consume the feed,know the status of stock,related products items and similar products:
    • You need to get access token key to consume these methods. You can get access token key by login into xxx then go to Account Setting Tab and get the token key in Web API AccessToken tab
    • Use the GenarateXML method to consume the feed in your program which will return response as XML string of list of inventory items.


Based on the above, what do I need to do to get these products up on my site?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hey @OMagas,

I recommend reaching out to the supplier to see if they have specific instructions for integrating with Shopify.

Shopify allows you to create a private app, which provides a set of credentials that allows data in the store to be consumed/modified programatically. These credentials only provide access however, to actually consume/modify data you need to provide the api credentials to an application. If the intention is to add products to your Shopify store, you'll need an application that consumes data from the supplier feed, and uses the data to make product#create API calls to Shopify. If your supplier currently works with existing Shopify stores, they likely have their own app or can recommend an existing app that's compatible with their feed. You can also check the Shopify App Store.

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If you are not a developer or familiar with the shopify SDK

I'd take a look at some of the apps on the shopify marketplace. There are heaps that allow importing from an API endpoint or csv source

Have you tried Excelify?