Zapier - Search for products only by Titel?

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Hi again. 


Another thing we thought was strange is the fact that you can only make a Zapier "Search" and search by the product Titel. 


It would make much more sense to be able to search by product ID (SKU number).


Is there a specific reason that it is not possible to use the product ID in Zapier, I mean it is available for other actions in Zapier.? 


Cheers :)

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The product ID is not the same as the SKU. A SKU is defined per variant. Even so, a product variant ID is not the same as a SKU. Moreover, SKUs in Shopify are not necessarily unique thus they do not lend themselves as a means of identifying or fetching single resources.


It is not clear who maintains the Zapier integration for Shopify and why they have chosen a specific integration and implementation.


I am not aware of Zapier using Shopify's GraphQL endpoint for the admin API which may be why you cannot filter by SKU. REST Admin API doesn't enable so while in GraphQL Admin API you can do something like

query {
  productVariants(first: 1, query: "sku:SKU-123") {
    edges {
      node {

But beware, like I mentioned before, above query would return 1 product variant but because SKUs aren't enforced to be unique, there could have very well been more than one variant with the given SKU.


Hope this helps!

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Now, the odd thing is that Title / Description is not enforced to be unique either. This is a headache when store owners change one letter or word in the description from let's say Google Sheets, and Zapier can't find the product.


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