add to cart gift wrapping via checkbox with AJAX on Brooklyn Theme

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hey Shopify Fam, 

I'm needing some help with adding a gift wrapping option using a checkbox on the cart drawer in the Brooklyn theme. so far, I've manged to add an html checkbox and call a function to try and post a product. But all I get is a 404 message from the AJAX, POST. 

I've tried installing too. But I want to learn how to post a product to the cart with AJAX. 


{%raw%}<div id="is-a-gift" style="clear: left; margin: 30px 0" class="clearfix rte">
      <input id="gift-wrapping" type="checkbox" onchange="giftWrapping()" style="float: none" />
      <label for="gift-wrapping" style="display:inline; padding-left: 5px; float: none;">
      Add Gift Wrap for $5.95


 function giftWrapping(){
       console.log('checkbox was checked');
						dataType: "json",
  quantity: 1,
  id: 211980451864
						success: function (response){


Any help woulr be greatly appreciated!! 

Chris Weachock
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UPDATE: SO. I Think I figured it out! *dancing kirby <(^.^<) (>^.^)> **

After looking in the developer console and reading some on the forums turns out my variant for the product was wrong. It must have been the product id not the variant id. I changes from add.js to update.js and replaced my variant the format for the updates. 

Here is my updated code: 

    function giftWrapping(){
       console.log('checkbox was checked');
'/cart/update.js', {
          updates: { 2220248498200: 1,}
    }   </script>

bear in mind this is with ajax already added with the theme (brooklyn). 

if you want me to do this for your shop respond to this post! or throw me some money!


Chris Weachock
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Hi Chris,

I would like to add this to my shopify store.

Could you please explain exactly where I should each part of your code?