adding backend verification to my form security

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I have developed a spam protection solution. our plugin is made of two parts: front end validation and backend validation on the server-side. our plugin will be installed on online forms and contact form to stop spam and automated bots sending spam. however, my current problem with the Shopify users is we can not integrate our backend verification to the backend of Shopify and it doe not allow us to do so. unlike other platforms (i.e. WordPress) which we have integrated our backend verification module to the plugin, Shopify doesn't allow us to do that. as consequence, after our plugin is installed for customer website because it is only front end protection, the security can be bypassed using backend code script directly to the Shopify server.

does anyone know the solution and how can we engage our backend verification to the backend of Shopify?

the sample source code for other technologies can be found on this link: