bulkOperationRunQuery and injecting a needed ID

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To do a bulk operation like "Download all the products in this collection", where that collection has an ID, it is trivial if you paste in the GID of the collection to the query, but in a dynamic environment where that ID could change per shop, how do you run the bulk query by introducing a variable like ID? Nothing I have tried in Insomnia works. So I am curious. What is the secret sauce to injecting some variability to a bulkOperationRunQuery?



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Hey @HunkyBill,

I haven't been able to get this working in Insomnia either, but I think this has to do with Insomnia not playing nice with the syntax used to create a BulkOperation job. It doesn't seem to recognize the syntax for a regular bulkOperation, even though that query completes as expected. Outside of Insomnia you can consider storing the collection_id in a variable, and build your queries on the fly by interpolating in the id.

Insomnia is my daily driver as well and I'd also like to see this working in there. I'll try to find out if they have plans to support this syntax moving forward and report back here if I find anything.

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