checkoutId collision issue

Shopify Partner
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I have opened an issue for the Shopify/js-buy-sdk in which it appears there is a collision issue with checkoutId. I have not been able to reproduce this, but a client's site displayed such a collision: one person successfully checked out and a number of days later another customer was issued the same checkoutId. When they went to checkout, they were shown the previous person's order details.  I suspect someone from Shopify may be able to dig a bit deeper into the createCheckout method which returns the result of a graphQLClient query through checkoutMutation. As the checkoutID is created from a graphQL query, it is obtaining this checkoutId directly from Shopify's API. I suspect it is likely a call to Redis to create a new session, and the collision has nothing to do with the internals of what is happening in the Shopify API, but I have zero visibility into how the checkoutId is created, so this is just speculation.