(custom) invoice/attachments for orders

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I have a few questions regarding (custom) invoices in combination with the API.

What endpoint are invoices (PDF?) retrieved through via the API? I digged into the API docs but could not find any invoice related documentation. Reason for this request: as a fulfillment service we need the invoice to create a corresponding packing slip.

Related second question, can a custom file be attached to a file (admin side, so no customer uploads) and then be retrieved to the API?

Mind the fact that I am not talking about DraftOrders, it's regarding orders being made by customers

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Shopify API does not allow you to retrieve PDF invoices, but you can use our invoicing app Sufio to do so.

Here's a document that will explain how to download a PDF invoice for an order in your Shopify store.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.