customerAccessTokenCreate doesn't exist on type "Mutation"

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currently I am using the Shopify GraphiQL App to explore & play around with the Storefront API. When I am trying to authenticate a User with the customerAccessTokenCreate method, I get the following error message:


Field 'customerAccessTokenCreate' doesn't exist on type 'Mutation'

I have also noticed, that the Docs tab at the right of the App doesn't contain this method as well - however it's described in the official Shopify API documentation:


Any help?



Jan B.

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Hey @JMB25,


The Shopify GraphiQL App runs queries against the GraphQL Admin API (not the Storefront API). 

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Sorry if this is too late but I have been playing around with the API's since the new year


What you will need to is to use a graphql client link insomnia or postman.

Then follow this guide....


Hope this helps!