ePubs, EReader and Kotobee Questions. Help please!

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Good day all!
I am a Mediabook builder. I use an HTML5 Author called Kotobee. I am finding that MANY website and sales platforms do not allow access to the FTP. Such is true for Shopify.

The Web App that Kotobee creates is HTML5 based, with CSS and few other files as well that must be held in the file system, then they are activated with an iframe code.. The program creators state that if I cannot get access to the FTP, then I can use a Browser Based File Manager as an alternative. Wordpress has such a plugin called "File Manager" (for those familiar with WordPress).
Is there any way to create an AddOn like that for Shopify?

If that is not possible - the alternative form of the mediabook is ePub. Are there any eReaders for Shopify or the ability to create that AddOn?

I am a Shopify partner and really like building with Shopify. I would like to refer it as a service with my mediabooks, but I can't if there's no way to display them.

If you need more information in order to answer - just let me know!

Diane Pettipas