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Hi There, in our online store we currently have 4 ways a customer could subscribe to our email newsletter: via a form in the footer, a pop-up, in the MyAccount section and in the checkout flow.


Now I'd like to trigger a confirmation email upon subscription ("thank you for subscribing" etc etc), once a user has confirmed via one of the above mentioned 4 methods that he/she want to receive our newsletter.


What i can see in the 'Notification' section of Shopify Plus, only refers to creation/deletion of a Customer Account, which is a different process than email subscription; you could for example subscribe without having to create an account and vice versa.


Once a customer has enrolled, we send the cusotmer data via webhooks to our external mail tool (ESP) so it is added to the database. Unfortunately this cannot trigger an email on their end. 


So the only to do this from our ESP would be to set up an api with our 3rd party ESP, but this would be a rather complicated way and would cost resources. I was hoping there was an easier way, for example via the Shopify API so this messsage would come from Shopify. Maybe in the Notification sections, via a command such as {% when 'newsletter' %}, which would trigger an email from Shopify.


Does anyone have experience with this or advice on how to easily achieve this confirmation mail? 


many thanks! 

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Hi @jjvanarend,


The emails sent from the notifications section of Shopify are all triggered by specific events in Shopify and on the storefront. It can't really be used as an email tool like you mentioned.


It sounds like you would need to subscribe to customer webhooks to know when a customer has signed up and accepted marketing. When that criteria is met, you can have the email sent from your app (ruby, for example, has SMTP gems that can be used for this) or ESP, etc.


Let me know if you have any follow up questions or concerns about this.



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