fileCreate doesn't exist in new API version?

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Hi! I was using the documented example fileCreate code to upload files to the Shopify file page. However, graphQL is returning these errors:


Error: GraphQL error: FileCreateInput isn't a defined input type (on $files)
GraphQL error: Field 'fileCreate' doesn't exist on type 'Mutation'
GraphQL error: Variable $files is declared by fileCreate but not used


 I can confirm my calls are in the most recent version (2021-07)

This is my ApolloClient code from the backend using the default CLI code. It should be using the 2021-07 version:


import ApolloClient from "apollo-boost";

export const createClient = (shop, accessToken) => {
  return new ApolloClient({
    uri: `https://${shop}/admin/api/2021-07/graphql.json`,
    request: (operation) => {
        headers: {
          "X-Shopify-Access-Token": accessToken,
          "User-Agent": `shopify-app-node ${process.env.npm_package_version} | Shopify App CLI`,


I'm completely confused why it isn't working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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