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I have a product feed setup with Google Merchants - it's setup as content API ( so it's constantly updating whatever information I have saved on my Shopify store).

Now,  I'm trying to get URL to pull the feeds from. We're doing a Product Catalog Feed with Rakuten and the URL is needed so we can make, keep and maintain catalog updated with the product feed.


Their request is the following:

Pull method, we would require for you to share the location URL so that we can fetch the feeds after you successfully upload.


Can you advice?

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Pull method is only via static files. Content API is a push system so what you want will not work with that.

For example my application is a pull system. IE: it pulls data from Shopify, then creates a data feed in text delimited form and then Google Merchant Center pulls the data from my servers.

I think this is what you are looking for. I recommend you use an application that does the same as mine. I recommend you confirm with Rakuten if that is what they need.

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