graphql rate limiting to 1,000, but maximumAvailable is 2,000

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As you can see in this screenshot, I've crafted my graphql to hit 952 Query Cost. However, in maximumAvailable for this shop, it is set at 2,000. If I try to go over 1,000 by changing "variant(first: 10)" e.g. I get the throttling error message: "Query has a cost of 1002, which exceeds the max cost of 1000". Why am I stuck at 1,000?

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Hey Zelf,


Even if you have a maximuAvailabe value which is greater than 1000, you are limited to a query cost of 1000 for a single request as documented here.


Your best bet would be to split up the request in two parts, such that each costs less than 1000 and make them in succession. You would then have to wait for your bucket to refill at the restoreRate you are given.