how to find the ip address of my users and the ability to ban violators in shopify, what code do i a

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Please do not offer me a link to an app this will not solve the issue, This is something that should be offered by Shopify as it is a matter of security and protection and I dont want apps having access to my shop whatsoever.

I want the ability to record ips of everyone who visits my site so in the event the violate TOS I can ban the IP, I have a competitor stalking my site and harassing me id like to block her but shopify has a different code other than what I have learned in school and im lost.

I've tried blocking at the domain level through my cpanel but i dont know the Ip and the harassing emails shes sent me have only the servers smpt id and it appears to be hidden, I also tried using google analytics to create a filter to retrieve the IP address but Im not sure if i created the filter right.

I'm wondering there is just a code snippet I can paste into Shopify to fix this problem. Otherwise, I might go back to WordPress as I am unfamiliar with Shopify's code language.

this is what i was attempting

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There is no built in tooling to allow you to block IP addresses from visiting your Shopify store.  This isn't a great measure anyway as it is fairly trivial to hide or change an IP address.  I would suggest blocking emails from the address that is sending the harassment, and if they continue setting up some sort of rule to filter them out in your mailbox.

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