installation flow access code not flowing through

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I want to make sure i understand the behavior of the Installation Flow.   A few months back we coded our embedded app to pick up the code= parameter from the property.   We used the following article:


Our logic assumes if the code= parameter is passed through to the embedded app,  the app was installed.   We added logic to both obtain a permanent access_code, and insert the new record to our database.   This seemed to work quite well,  but now that we are smoke testing by uninstalling and re-installing on the same development stores, we noticed the code= parameter does not always get passed through to the embedded app.   Consequently, when they uninstall and re-install, we cannot obtain a new permanent access token for them.


Moreover,  we have noticed the behavior to be intermittent,  as re-installing several times eventually passes the code= parameter all the way through.


I'm sure i'm missing some nuance here.  Any help appreciated.



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Would you mind sharing a time frame and shop ID I could reference? I can look through logs and see what might be happening. If users are following the install flow, you should be consistently seeing a code parameter.