issue while trying to put content in theme.liquid

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Am here about a technical problem that we encountered during the development of our application which will be launched on the shopify stores.
The procedure is as follows:
- we try to modify the template / theme.liquid file, and therefore we retrieve by the corresponding API the content, we inject the code that we want to add and we send via the corresponding endpoint, we then receive the following error:
/// Error: Missing {{content_for_header}} in the head section of the template
Error: Missing {{content_for_layout}} in the body section of the template ///
-As test we did, we got the content of theme.liquid, and without any operation to apply on this one, we re-send the code, and the same error occured.
please give us the reason, is it a technical problem with you, if not if you can suggest solution of our situation:
"we just want to add {% render" xxx "%}" before </body> of the file

thank you