need help with group buying app

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         I am a new shopify developer and I have a question. I want to develop a group buying app. If consumers buy products through group buying app, they can get a lower discount price. The premise is that I can't change the price of existing products. If I need to give the user a lower price to the checkout page, what should I do? I have read a part of the shopify dev documentation. My current idea is that I can only use sales channel public app to achieve, first let the merchant add products in our sales channel, then through the sales channel checkout api line_items in the admin api to customize the price and generate a web checkouturl for users to jump to the checkout page to achieve this function. Does this idea work? Or if I use a public app not sales channel to develop, how should I make two different prices on the same products to customer can get the lower group buying price?
        Any one can help?

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