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 hey y'all, brand new to shopify, trying to follow this tutorial ( and I keep getting this error "Oauth error invalid_request: Could not find Shopify API application with api_key". 


the step i'm on in the tutorial is "Authenticate and test your app", my URL is formatted correctly (HTTPS:// confirmed with shopify basic chat support that my app settings are correct. i've gone over their tutorial and triple checked each step, could be reading something totally wrong but i believe i've followed it to a T.


this error message only even returns one thread result from google, with no replies, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated tyvmia!


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Hi @sybarita,


You'll need to implement some logging to help determine where the issue is. The error means that the API key you are passing to Shopify to exchange for an access token does not match an app we have on our end. I would add logging to each piece of code that interacts with your key and secret to confirm it's as expected. Something to consider are whether your .env file is properly populated and whether you are using the correct environment variable names when referencing them. Also, ensure you're requiring dotenv, or you won't be able to read those environment variables!