null api response with extremely large orders

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Hi ...


We are trying to get a very large order (600 items or so, order_id=1844068352065) with api end point but it always return an error...


The URL we are using is:


After a time it returns (in html):


Something went wrong
There was a problem loading this website

Try refreshing the page.

Smaller orders like


work OK and return proper JSON but large ones... just not.


Any ideas of why this might be happening?


Thanks in advance...

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Hello Everyone. I like to work with Shopify, but this same issue is hunting our stores for a long time now.

We older users of Shopify know that it has that bug.

It used to be about 20 items limitation per order before, now it is about 100 items per order before the order stops and crash.

I wonder if Shopify or someone else has a fix for this problem. It is also happening with our Shopify larger orders. Nothing over 200 items gets check out. 

Miguel_J_  reported it back in November 2019, so did we, even before that.

Shopify is promising to fix this bug for a long time already but nothing is being done yet.

Does any developer knows how to fix this problem?  Can it be a timeout issue, if so, how to fix it?

Please , Please!!