preparing product (including essential node) its all variation and collection id associated with it

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I want to fetch product with graphQl in such a way that, I could get minimum of at least 100 product with all variation associated with it along with collection ids(both smart and custom).

I tried

but here it seems we cannot achieve to get all variation of a product even when first 10 products is selected.  Is there any way around ?

Also can't we put a condition to fetch variation of products only when a product is variable product ?

Also, how would we know the exact number of variation of a product ?

I mean, If we fetch 100 product with first 5 variation, then the cost is simply placed, even if the product doesn't have the variation.

I am trying to make a sync system which syncs all the products to my local database. Currently I am doing so with RESTApi but with the latest api update, it seems to have increased the API request which is creating a lot of problem. 

If there is any way to build a better sync system with shopify api(any: graphQL or Rest), please instruct me the best applicable procedure.

I want to fetch all products, with its title, price, created_at, updated_at, variations, images, variations values/options, collections ids mainly.

Any kinds of suggestion are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.