product price calculation on length and width

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Hi There,

I need to develop some provision to calculation the product price on chosen height and width of the product by the user. The product has unit price by default.


I go through a solution but it get failed on checkout page; I set product price as per unit price ( per square feet ) and update the quantity on each unit, but it get failed on checkout page, it merge the products in case, user will select two or more sizes for the same product.


I think one another solution, to create variation for all the possible measurements but can not get through shopify variant limitation( 10 Variant per product ) to a product.


Is there any other way around to get the solution of the problem?

Also, I do not want to go to already available apps in shopify app store.

Looking forward for the response.



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hey @naveenpal,


Adding properties to the line item should keep them separate.


Something like this:


$.post('/cart/add.js', {
  quantity: 1,
  id: 12345,
  properties: {
    'Details': '10x20'


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