product update web-hook firing on each sale/order

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I have registered to Shopify's product web-hook using topic product/update. I am observing a completely different behavior, when ever a product is sold that fire product/update web-hook.

Has anyone else experienced same issue? or i am doing something wrong?


Any help in this regard is appreciated.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey there, 


I believe it was within the last year that we started to send webhooks when a product is sold, and this behaviour is intentional. If memory serves, it's the inventory of the product being touched that triggers the webhook. 

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This is an old thread but its still relevant . Has there been any talk internally around a webhook that fires when a product is updated via the admin and not a sale?

something like - product/update_admin

There is a very big difference between and admin adjusting the body / title / images etc., compared to a sale happening.

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I have the same issue 

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Ditto. QuickBooks does this same thing and its annoying and causes a lot of unnecessary overhead. I get Inventory Levels have changed, but that should be a separate webhook just as it is a separate object in the Shopify database.

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Is there any fix for this behavior? It really doesn't make any sense. If you want a product hook to fire on product inventory change (which will be every time a product is soled, which hopefully is very often) why not put this is in a specific product_stock_change or something similar?

As it works now the webhooks are unusable. I've set up a SSG fore storefront in Netlify... problem is, every time someone makes a purchase the site rebuilds, eating away att build hours when nothing except stock has changed (which is checked individually anyway).

So I ask again, is there any workaround on this or do we just have to wait until someone on the dev team understands that firing the product update/change hook every time a sale is made probably isn't how most people are expecting it to work and also is easily fixable by simple adding a product stock specific hook for those that want/need that type of behavior.