published (Boolean) This argument is deprecated: Use PublishablePublish instead.

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the documentation says:

published (Boolean)

Only products with an active status can be published. This argument is deprecated: Use PublishablePublish instead.


ok, let's take mutation publishablePublish($id: ID!, $input: [PublicationInput!]!) 

with PublicationInput fields. 

And where do we get this identifier publicationId?

Thanks in advance


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Don't think publications are available yet.

This will allow you to publish items on individual stores. Online pos eBay etc

But I think its still being developed

They haven't released the required scope write_publications. (I think unless I missed a post)

You can do this only with web and POS over the REST api.

Get publications here

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Thanks for response!

if i create a new product, one don't have publish_Id yet, is it correct way to publish product with published = true? (argument is deprecated).

What's the latest correct way to create a product with published status ?