"Referring Site" / "Conversion Summary" data not complete

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A short introduction regarding the challenge:

I'm using an app called Plecto to track orders and where they came from according to the Shopify "Conversion Summary" option within Plecto.

I've noticed a few inconsistencies in what Plecto records and what Shopify says. In Plecto some orders have no conversion summary while in Shopify they say instagram or direct to site. 

Originally plecto and I thought that blank information passed to plecto meant it was direct to website and not from FB, IG or google, but upon further investigation (shown below) that's not the case. 

Maybe they have something set up on their end that's not correct? Or maybe the API is buggy? Has anyone had any similar issues with this?

Here's what Plecto had told me:

"There are some orders in Plecto which do not have any data in the field "Referring site" despite there being data in Shopify which appears to be linked to this field.

I have been in touch with our developers at Plecto regarding the missing data in the field "Referring site" for a few of your orders.

They have checked the orders linked below directly with Shopify's API, and none of these orders have any data in the field "referring site" coming through their API. This means that no data is being sent to Plecto from Shopify for these fields, despite their apparently being data in Shopify.

Here are a few examples of orders which do not have any data in the "referring site" field in Plecto. The word after is the referring site shown in Shopify:

3840335151157 - Instagram
3840266043445 - Direct to store
3840257753141 - Instagram
3840237764661 - Direct to store
3840170623029 - Email"

Here's an image of the "Referring site" section that we're referring to in the entire post:


Does anyone have further information regarding this? Is there a reason why for SOME orders (not all), there's no data for the field "referring site" being pushed to Plecto? Perhaps the "referring site" is linked to something other than what they have got set up in their backend?

Any advice or feedback on this would be great! Hopefully they've just got something set up incorrectly on their end and a quick fix should solve the problem. Otherwise, maybe it's a bug on shopify's end?

Thanks for the help!