"Search is not available for Order" (or Product -- seems ok for Customer?)

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Hi, my first post here and new to Shopify so I hope I've come to the right place!

I'm using the phpclassic API SDK to write some tools to import our Magento store data into Shopify but when I attempt to use the 'search' method on Orders or Products I receive the response "Search is not available for Order".  I opened an issue on the phpclassic API github but they have said this would be an issue to be resolved on the Shopify side rather than on the SDK side.

What's going on here -- is there something I'm missing about how this works?  Is this lack of search function as intended and I just need to work around it (fetching all results and caching locally etc)?


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Hey @Tristan3dt 

There is a search.json endpoint available in Shopify but it only functions for customers and gift cards. If you wanted to directly make API calls to Shopify using graphQL, you can use the query field to filter data. Checkout the orders connection in the docs for more details.



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