"shopify node serve" Command Problem

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Hi, I'm trying out the Shopify CLI. I'm going through this tutorial. I'm using Windows 10. 

Running "shopify node create" scaffolds the new project but when I run "shopify node serve" I get this error:

√ curl @ C:/WINDOWS/System32/curl.EXE
√ tar @ C:/Rtools/bin/tar.EXE
- Installing ngrok...
X System call failed: tar -xf C:/[...]/shopify/ngrok.zip

(I inserted the "[..]" to hide personal info in the folder name)

The ".../shopify/ngrok.zip" DOES exist. I tried deleting it and running "shopify node serve" again but same thing happens.

Based on this. I think "shopify node serve" is downloading a zip -- thinking I'm on MAC -- and then since I'm on Windows, it tries to tar(untar?) the zip file.

Am I missing something or should I report a bug? 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @bdowling 

Thanks very much for raising this! Yes - sounds like it could be one for the CLI team to run their ruse over.

By all means, feel free to log an issue in the following repository. Much obliged!

| API Support @ Shopify |
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi, thanks for the reply. In case someone has a similar problem, I manually unzipped the file and was able to use the command with no problems after than.