shopify Checkout in my website disabled

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Hi Guys,

I am in big trouble, as my website, that has a shopify javascript SDK integrated into it, is not able to execute checkout. It shows below message:

Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired.

I have a development store for my website right now. 

I saw a thread in shopify forum,which is similar to my problem

This thread says, the allowed order check out has maxed out, and therfore no futher checkout is allowed by shopify to my website. In the above link, I also saw, the shopify technical guy was resolving the issue from his end. 

Can this be done to our development store as well so that i would be able to continue using the development store for testing?

Please let me know! 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, Rix!

I'm Alex, with the Shopify team!

Development stores allow for an unlimited amount of test orders, and a total of 50 non-test orders using a live gateway; you'll see this message if you've reached your limit of non-test orders.  If using test orders won't work for you, we can extend that!  Once I've posted this response, I'll reach out to you via email.  Just respond to me there, and I'll get to work on this for you!  

If you run into this issue in the future you can give us a call or start a live chat at any time - this would get you a faster response from the Shopify team than posting here in the forums. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify

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Dear Sir,

I have the issue with checkout on dev site., "Merchant's trial period expired." Could you please help me out with this.  My site name is


Thanks in advance


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I have try checkout on development store but not error.

Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?
Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired.
What can I do?


My dev web store link:


Please help me.