shopify payments: raw data identifier for each payment method

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Hi guys,

we would like to use Sofort through Shopify Payments again, but we need to solve the issue that orders bought with Sofort will be exported to the warehouse like they would be marked as paid directly, even though they are not marked as paid.
the difficulty here is, that we offer bank deposits as payment option as well. these bank deposits must not be exported until we mark them as paid.
im talking with the support from EZ exporter app to find a solution currently. we are looking at an example order, which was made Sofort through Shopify Payments. here, we are searching in the raw transaction data for an information which is always included and identifies a shopify payments payment as Sofort payment. this information must be 100% accurate and always a clear identifier. 
May you talk to the shopify tech team if they can show is which identifier is the best to use to export pending sofort payments made through shopify payments?
In the following lines I copy the raw transaction data and I mark big a few potential identifies.
thanks for the help!