source_name in webhook packet changed from "web" to "580111" - what is this?

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Our webhook payloads on Order Created are sometimes sending source_name as "580111", but we're not sure what's causing this.

As per the docs:


The origin of the transaction. This is set by Shopify and cannot be overridden.

Where the order originated. May only be set during creation, and is not writeable thereafter. Orders created through official Shopify channels have protected values that cannot be assigned by other API clients during order creation. These protected values are: "web", "pos", "iphone", and "android" Orders created via the API may be assigned any other string of your choice. If source_name is unspecified, new orders are assigned the value "api".

I just want to see if anyone knows why this might be, I may have to get more info from the client to see if they've implemented any different payment gateways or similar - but some advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey Dawn.

This looks to have been something that was occurring during order serialization between the 2nd and 5th of this month. We have escalated support looking into it and exploring backfilling the values if the impact is high enough.

If you want to add this pain point into the hat you can contact support and they should be able to route it accordingly. 

To clarify: 580111 is the app id of the online store (which is technically a channel). You can interpret it as such.


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Hi there, 

I've started to see the 508111 response this morning also for a single random order instead of the more normal 'web' response. 

My app broke (a little) this morning which isn't great. 

I can code around it for now but it would be best if we stick to the the spec as per the document. 





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Hi guys,

It seems the same bug has reoccurred in a shop in Germany - source_name is 508111 on some orders.

If you write to me, I can give you the shop name and an id on an order you can use for finding the error (I do not want to put it in a forum post).



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We're getting the exact same error for our store. Our orders normally have "web" as the value for this field but in the last 2 weeks, 2 orders came in with the 580111 app_id. Please advise why this happens. We only have one source for our orders and there is nothing about these 2 orders that's different that might suggest why this happened.


Also, I contacted Shopify support about this and they eventually told me to look in the forums.....which is why I'm here.



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Same error for our store !