updated_at flag mysteriously updated across all partner stores

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We've had a number of customers complaining that our Shopify API integrated application has suddenly imported old Sales Orders dating back as far as 2012.


API Call:



Produces every single Sales Order created by the store in question, with an updated_at date listed as between March 7th and 8th 2019. Looking at the Sales Orders themselves nothing has been updated; there is no activity since their original purchase several years ago.


Has Shopify made sweeping changes to old sales orders? Or is this issue related to changes we've made at the partner level?



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Hey @fraew ,


Did some checking and the reason for the change in updated_at on orders was that historical orders were updated with the newer format Discount Applications that provides more granular information for allocation of discounts on an order.  Important to note is that no orders/updated webhooks were sent for these changes.  Perhaps if your system is only scanning for the updated_at flag on a resource and not using webhooks, there may need to be some other checks in place to avoid this sort of thing in the future such as de-duping or also checking created_at for example.




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