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Is there currently a way to restrict certain email addresses/accounts from buying a product more than once? 


We currently have the Min/Max app installed which allows us to restrict users from adding more than a single unit to their cart (which is great!) but we've found that certain customers are now simply checking out then creating multiple new orders so they can bypass the Min/Max order restrictions. 


We'd love to have a way to restrict an email address/account from purchasing the same product over and over. Does this exist? 




You can go for these apps

  • EasyLockdown ‑ Page Locks
  • Order Limits (MinMaxify)
  • Limits by Limitsify

More at: https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=Limit+access+to+any+content+on+your+store&st_source=


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What's the business reason for the restriction? Is it a legal requirement, or some attempt to slow down a reseller market (like for sneaker resale)?


In reality, even if you could limit by email address what's stopping someone from making a new email address? I'd want to be sure you have a clear business need otherwise you'll go to some efforts only for someone to bypass with a quick email creation.



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The product is a loss leader that is priced much less than our target product. It is a sample that allows customers to essentially try before they buy. 


While customers could in theory create multiple email addresses to purchase many of these products, based on the small number that have actually tried to submit multiple orders (due to the restrictions already in place), we're betting that the number would be small enough to allow us to restrict them manually upon detection. 


Do you know of an app/workaround that would allow such restrictions to be put in place?