100% Cashback App - Sweepstakes as a Service - New App in the Shopify App Store

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Hi All


We are happy to announce the launch of Sweepstakes as a Service in the Shopify App Store.


  • Sweepstakes as a Service (SaaS) is an exclusive model developed by B1In whereby B1In hosts sweepstakes and makes entries available to online merchants; removing the risk, expense and legal issues associated with running a sweepstakes independently.
  • SaaS by B1In runs the sweepstakes, pays the winners and provides merchants with a unique opportunity to enter their customers into rolling sweepstakes to win 100% cashback on everything they purchase.
  • Each Sweepstakes has a fixed ratio of 1 winner from every 100 entries with the winner receiving 100% cashback. The cashback amount ranges from $25 to $50,000, depending on what they spent at the merchant's store.

Check us out in the App Store and install it today.





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A 100% cashback offer will attract more users and the cashback amount ranges are very exciting which is from $25 to $50,000.

So it seems like if you promote it well chances are more that people will try this new service for sure.


Good luck with the new store.

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Thank you for your comment


Yes customers are more likely to purchase from your store when offered the chance to win 100% Cashback.


Check it out in the Shopify App Store