2 Questions: Color choices shown on collection page & Both gender option on product page

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Hello Everyone, 


I was browsing other sites and saw a very nice idea that I want to implement for a T-shirt shop. Hoping there is an app or setting I can do for this.


First is the option to change colors on the collection page itself rather than clicking on the product to goto the product page and then seeing different colors. Below is a screenshot. I really liked this idea, people can check out colors below by clicking on them and seeing it there.


Second, rather than having a Men's Section and Women's section, just have one T-Shirt section, and after they like a design of a T-Shirt --> they click on the shirt to goto Product page and then they can decide the gender. And once they select the gender it changes the shirt design based on gender. Pic below. This is so much more cleaner and efficient.