3PL App architecture

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I'm building embedded app which will connect Shopify app with 3-party logistic service. Requirements are to listen for order changes and expose api to 3PL logistic service to call callback url when orders are fulfilled.

From my understanding of Shopify documentation,  my embedded app should
- listen to Shopify order webhook events and call 3PL REST api outside of Shopify
- expose REST endpoint that will 3PL services use to send fulfillment data to embedded app which will then update merchant order data


I would like to know if I'm going in right direction.
If that is a case I would like to know how to manage different merchants inside my app because when request from 3PL logistic service comes in I need to update order data of right merchant.
I'm thinking about saving merchant hostname and credentials in my app to use it for calling merchant back, is that a good approach?