4 new things you can do with ModeMagic - Just like you asked!

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Over the last few weeks, we received some great feedback on the ModeMagic app from you and other Shopify stores.

You said: “It takes too long to apply stickers one at a time for my collections."
We’ve got this: You can now apply a badge to an entire collection, in a single click! Kick back and make yourself a coffee - you’ve just saved a whole lot of time

Add badges to an entire collection in 1 click!Add badges to an entire collection in 1 click!

You said: “There aren’t enough custom badge design options.”
Ta-da! Check ‘em out: Our new custom badge shapes, hot off the press. New looks, same easy functionality.

New Badge StylesNew Badge Styles

You said: “My stickers sometimes look just too large for the product.”
Well, we’ve just launched THREE sizes in stickers - small, medium, and large - so you can get them to work for your product images, just the way you want!

Badges in all sizesBadges in all sizes

The power of feedback is beautiful. Please keep the love & feedback coming  
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Wow! ModeMagic app has so much to offer. With increasingly online shopping needs, such apps a big help for Shopify or eCommerce website owners to sell better.

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Can it add stickers to random products?