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I have a store with roughly 8000 sessions per month, around 2 000 a week. The returning customer rate (purchases) is about 85%. I am trying to run A/B test.


How can I see how many of my store sessions are from returning customers/ new people? How can I target only the new store sessions (new people)?


Because, I want to remove the free samples that I give to my new customers, and I would like to find out how would that affect my conversion rate. So there is no need to target my old customers. This will not affect them. 


Thank you :) 

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Outside of keeping a log, have you tried Google Analytics e-commerce features? There is also a JS API for analytics that you can use do tag visitor session with values and retrieve them later. This can all be done on the front end in JS - you can check values on a user session then execute JS code.




@Pete29 if I understand, you'd like a way to differentiate between your new and old customers and based off of the segment that customer belongs to, decide whether they should be eligible for free samples or not, correct? 


Happy to build this out for you - let me know if what I've said is true and I can send over a mockup to confirm its design. 

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