A BOGO app that works with Shopify?

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Does such a thing even exist? We're looking for options, and finding none, Shopify would benifit from letting us make discount codes for Buy X get X at X% off or Free...


We're trying Buy X Get 1, and after instalation and toggling Product Quantity only mode in Channel adviser, we're still not able to get it up and running correctly. 

Is there anyone else out there using Channeladvisor with Shopify who are able to run a good Buy 1 Get 1 Campaign?


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If you're a Shopify Plus customer you can take advantage of Shopify Scripts to help create BOGO and tiered pricing at cart and checkout.

If you're not a Plus customer there's apps that can help simulate something similar using variant pricin. Do note that may need some specific handling on the fulfillment and inventory management side.

What's the issue you're facing with CA?

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