A Christmas Story About a Merchant And a Developer Working Together to Create Something Cool!

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I code for a living. I enjoy it, I find it challenging, and I think that automating parts of people's lives is a truly awesome way to spend my days.


A while back I started looking into Shopify Apps, and was wondering what would be a cool thing to build for Shopify Merchants. After going around the forums looking for ideas for a while, I happened upon this thread:




In which @linda_pierre mentioned that she'd like a button on her site, that will pop up a list of the countries her store ships to. Something that will look like this:

Clicking this button throws up the pop-upClicking this button throws up the pop-up


Pop-Up With Country FlagsPop-Up With Country FlagsAfter some hashing out of the idea in the thread above and in private, I sat down to code the app. The logic is not very complicated - let the merchant choose the countries they ship to, create the relevant Liquid code with the flags for the relevant countries, and upload it to the user's theme. 


After a bit of work, and some back and forth with the App Store team (thanks Laura M!), that app is now live on the Shopify App store:




I'd just like to express my gratitude to the community here. Finding ideas for interesting, useful things to work on is quite hard - and this forum is an excellent playground for hashing out ideas in the open. I don't think I ever experienced anything quite like it. 


This being Christmas and all, just wanted to share some of the good vibes I've been feeling from this whole project. And especially thank you to @linda_pierre for the idea and @Adam_Sound_Onyx for test-driving it!


P.S. Improvement suggestions and ideas for other, more awesome things to build are welcome. Each one will be met with a warm direct message, and a standing invitation for coffee whenever we happen to cross paths in the physical world.

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Great job buddy, this app is useful and FREE.


'Nuff said.

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Congrats on publishing your first Shopify App.

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